Statement on the crisis in Ukraine

We call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the buildup of US troops near Ukraine. The answer to the situation in Ukraine must take a course of demilitarization, negotiations, and respect for the fundamental rights of all people to live in peace and safety. We stand not with any military empire, but with the people of Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and the millions of working American families who lack access to affordable healthcare, food, and housing as unchecked empire building drains our society of its resources. We call on the people of these nations, including our own, to take a stand and demand a peaceful resolution to this dangerous escalation.

Fundamentally, the root cause of the unfurling crisis is greed and competition for energy markets and other commercial desires, and the delusions of crackpot “realist” geopolitics that dominate thinking in DC, London, Moscow, and Kyiv.

We call for an end to all military operations, a return of all forces to their home bases, and the presence of monitors in Ukraine from unaffiliated nations. An immediate return to the 2015 Minsk II Accords is required with a determination to demilitarize the situation and protect the rights of all Ukrainians. This should be a global-led effort of ceasefire, demilitarization, de-escalation, and negotiations meant to achieve stability, neutrality, and peace. We reject the insipid and craven demands of US and European politicians and media to pick one side or another. Rather we choose another side—the people—and condemn the decades-long policies of US, NATO, Russian, and Ukrainian leaders that have led to this point.

The only thing I know for certain about a war in Ukraine is that it won’t go the way the “experts” say it will, and no one will ever be held responsible for its consequences (consequences mostly paid for by workers and their families).

We are reminded historically of World War I and follow the lead of the great Irish socialist and rebel James Connolly who famously declared: “Neither King nor Kaiser.” We say neither Biden nor Putin, neither the US and NATO incursions nor Russian war machines, and neither American nor Russian oligarchs, but rather the people of those lands and the children of workers who will be made to kill and be killed.

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