Podcast Interview with Jabari VOC

I just did a terrific interview about our campaign with Jamarr Jabari on the Jabari VOC Podcast. We discussed the philosophy & issues of the campaign & how they impact people in North Carolina, the US & across the planet. Please watch, like, & share! Continue reading

Break It Down Show Interview

Terrific interview I did with Pete A Turner, Podcast Producer of the Break It Down Show on the insanity of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the incompetence & corruption of our institutions, & what my campaign for US Senate in NC is about and for. Please take a watch! Continue reading

Useful Idiots Interview On War Spending And The Collapse Of Healthcare And Infrastructure

Check out Matt along with fellow anti-war veteran Officer Danny Sjursen on “Useful Idiots” in this important discussion with Matt Taibbi & Katie Halper about how any expansion of social or infrastructural spending is pillaged to make way for the war machine – even during an unprecedented pandemic and national health crisis:  Continue reading

In-Depth C-SPAN Interview: “Time For Peace In Afghanistan And An End To The Lies.”

A must-watch 2019 interview with Matt on his transformational experiences leading to and after his resignation in protest of the war in Afghanistan and his counterpunch.com article, “Time for Peace in Afghanistan and an End to the Lies.”

Democracy Now! Interview On Afghanistan

“The only thing more tragic than what’s happened to the Afghan people is that in a few days America will have forgotten Afghanistan again,” says Matthew Hoh, a disabled combat veteran and former State Department official stationed in Afghanistan’s Zabul province who resigned in 2009 to protest the Obama administration’s escalation of the War in Afghanistan. He says much of the U.S. media coverage has been filled with “complete lies and fabrications,” despite decades of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. “You see the same people who’ve been wrong about this war trotted out over and over again,” says Hoh, a senior fellow with the Center for International Policy. Continue reading

The War In Afghanistan And The Opioid Drug Trade

In this week’s episode with guest Matthew Hoh, we strip away the layers of deception and manipulation that have been used to manufacture public consent for the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Whether the supporters of America’s ruling class are weaponizing the stories of Afghan women and girls’ suffering to call for war, or claiming that the U.S.’s business in Afghanistan is that of building schools instead of destroying lives — or even calling for the U.S. to arm the mujahideen again — we hear far too little from the people whose lives have been put on the line by American imperial interests. How is it possible to reject the falsehoods we’ve been fed over the past two decades? That question drives this week’s conversation with Matthew Hoh. Continue reading

Biden’s Wars: First 100 Days Panel

This webinar reviews the state of America’s widespread warfare at the start of the Biden administration. Like Obama, Biden was elected promising an end to the military campaigns initiated by the Bush/Cheney administration but, like Obama, he is sustaining these conflicts while making political gestures aimed at convincing the public that he is pursuing a more peaceful foreign policy. This discussion covers both the overt armed conflicts in which America remains engaged and the clandestine, economic, and propaganda warfare which remain key components of US policy. Continue reading