Return To The Green Socialist Podcast

Matt returns to the Green Socialist Podcast with Howie Hawkins, the Green Party’s 2020 candidate for President to provide updates on running for the US Senate, the fight for ballot access in North Carolina, our megalomaniac leaders, the danger of nuclear war, Medicare privatization and the importance of organizing at all levels. Continue reading

An Evening With Medea Benjamin

Timely conversation between Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin and Matt on his US Senate campaign, the roots of their antiwar activism, the threats of nuclear war, climate change and international organizing efforts to meet these challenges to humanity’s survival. Continue reading

Talking With Veterans About Russia And Ukraine

Matt joins other veterans to discuss the latest on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, its origins, the dangers it presents, and where things go from here. Continue reading

Matthew Hoh Talks Senate Run And Ukraine Invasion

Matthew appears on CBS 17 in Raleigh to talk about what motivated him to run for the US Senate, the handling of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and why the War on Drugs should be ended. Continue reading

An Alternative To Politics As Usual

Matt talks to Gavin and Zac on The Vanguard about giving voters an alternative to the two party duopoly, and the difference that could make. Continue reading

Matthew On How The Green Party’s Platform Meets The Real Needs Of People

Matthew Hoh on NYC street activist djelF7’s podcast talking about his US Senate run in North Carolina and how the Green Party’s platform meets the real needs of people in 2022. Continue reading

Matt On Ukraine, Climate And The State Of The Union

Matt returns to Podcast by George to discuss Ukraine, Climate and the State of the Union. Continue reading

GREEN SOCIALIST Podcast With Howie Hawkins And Matthew Hoh

Howie Hawkins speaks with Matthew Hoh on a wide variety of topics. All are life and death issues for hundreds of millions of people, both here in the US and abroad. Breaking away from our current corrupt political system is necessary if we are to find real answers. Continue reading

Establishment Politics Got US Into This Mess

Marc Steiner Show Interview In this latest interview with Marc Steiner of the Real news network, Matthew discusses why he is running for Senate and how the two-party system has wrecked our democracy. Continue reading

Podcast by George Interview with Matthew Hoh

Matt joins Podcast By George to discuss his campaign’s fight to address climate change, end futile wars and provide free healthcare services which are so desperately needed during this pandemic. Continue reading