Matt Hoh for Senate Fireside Chat with Howie Hawkins: Ranked Choice Voting

Matt spoke with 2020 presidential candidate Howie Hawkins about Ranked-Choice Voting and other needed reforms for a more inclusive and vibrant democracy. They also discussed issues of the day and took questions from the audience. Continue reading

Dr. Jill Stein And Matthew Hoh: The Urgency Of People Powered Politics

Green Party activist, organizer and two-time Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein joins NC Green Party US Senate candidate Matthew Hoh in this webinar on the urgency of people powered politics in a world where multiple crisis are converging to threaten the future of humanity. Continue reading

Democratic Party RIGS Senate Race?

Attacks Green Party Candidate Briahna Joy Gray hosts Matthew Hoh and Jill Stein to talk about the North Carolina Green Party’s fight with the Democratic Party and Democratic-controlled North Carolina State Board of Elections over the board’s denial of ballot access to the Greens.   Continue reading

Dems Illegally Kick 3rd Party Off Ballot In North Carolina

North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) U.S. Senate candidate Matthew Hoh visits Jimmy Dore to call out the Democrats on their brazen exercise of political power to keep the NCGP and him off the ballot in November, and what’s next. Continue reading

Democrats Rig Senate Race To Kick Green Party Candidate Off The Ballo

Jordan Chariton of Status Coup News interviews North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) U.S. Senate candidate Matthew Hoh on how national and NC state Democratic Party operatives worked to keep the NCGP and him off the ballot in November, and what comes next. Continue reading

Matthew Hoh: Unauthorized Disclosure

Matthew Hoh visits Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola on Shadowproof’s Unauthorized Disclosure to talk about ballot access as voter suppression, how a dinosaur mentaility keeps the two-party duopoly focused only on protecting their donor class and neglecting the working families they should be serving, and the Green Party provides a clear alternative. Continue reading

Matthew Hoh, Green For Senate, Makes The Ballot!

North Carolina Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate Matthew Hoh visits Ron Placone to talk about getting the signatures necessary to put the party on the ballot in November. Continue reading

The state of the state ballot petitions in North Carolina and New York

Matthew Hoh joins Howie Hawkins live on Green Socialist Notes to trade status reports on efforts to get the Green Party back on the ballot in North Carolina, where Matt is running for U.S. Senate, and New York, where Howie is running for Governor. Along the way they discuss the continuing failure of the existing economic and politcal order to address the existential threats we face from climate change, public health crises, homelessness, unemployment and nuclear war, and the positive responses they’ve had on the issues from voters who know they’ve been betrayed by the two major parties. Continue reading

Can an Anti-War Candidate Win?

Matthew Hoh and activist comedian Lee Camp talk about Matt’s Green Party run for US Senate in North Carolina, the importance of pressing the system on all fronts, especially for party building including in elections, how ballot access rules are a form of voter suppression, making leaders legally accountable, the urgency of dealing with climate change, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine, the “crime family story” of the US and UK persecution of Julian Assange, and his betrayal by corporate media. Continue reading

Veteran Matthew Hoh Took On The Pentagon: Now He’s Challenging The Two-Party Duopoly

Matt is interviewed by Jordan Chariton on Status Coup, where he discusses resigning in protest against the troop surge in Afghanistan, the stranglehold the two parties have over Washington, being blacked out by both corporate and “alternative left” media in running for the US Senate, the need to implement an Economic Bill of Rights and a no-compromise Green New Deal, and the uphill battle to get the Green Party back on the ballot in North Carolina for statewide and local candidates. Continue reading