Green New Deal details

  • Make massive investments in green energy, transportation, industry, agriculture, and infrastructure

  • Set science-based targets for reducing the emissions that fuel global heating

  • Incentivize on-and offshore wind farming, localized solar farming, and other emerging green energy techniques such as tidal power and green hydrogen; as well as investment in smart grid technology

  • Invest in public transportation, including light rail, high-speed interstate rail, ferry, and green buses to reduce car-based travel

  • Invest in public utilities, including purchasing controlling interest in currently private utilities to bring them under local democratic control

  • Ban the use of fracking and other destructive fossil fuel extraction techniques like tar sand mining, offshore drilling, mountaintop removal, and coal mining; end construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines and storage facilities; and begin the immediate phase-out of fossil fuel extraction and use

  • Incentivize the use of efficient heating and cooling sources, such as heat pumps and geothermal technology

  • Expand local, state, and federal land preservation efforts, through parks, wildlife preserves, and other conservation efforts

  • Invest in battery research and other energy storage techniques

  • Invest in climate-focused educational resources that can be worked into k-12 curriculum

  • Invest in regenerative agriculture, to fix our poisonous agribusiness model and return sustainability to our food production

  • Invest in climate research at our state universities, look into methodologies like carbon mineralization, new fibers and materials that are not petroleum-based, and sustainable installation manufacture

  • Invest in public housing to make city living affordable, incentivize local commerce and reductions in travel for basic necessities like groceries and social services, and establish pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly communities

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