Getting Back On The Ballot

US Senate candidate Matthew Hoh out petitioning to get the Green Party back on the ballot. Photo from Spectrum News.

Green Party Members are seeking a spot on the ballot. Nice piece on Spectrum News about the Green Party’s drive to get back on the ballot in North Carolina. As US Senate candidate Matthew Hoh said: “If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you’re still voting for evil… So [we’re] breaking away from that and building a political system that works for people, particularly working families. There are a variety of ways we can achieve that, but one is by not voting for the two corporate parties and by voting for third parties.”

To get back on the ballot, the North Carolina Green Party must collect approximately 14,000 signatures on petitions for filing with county Boards of Elections by May 17. See our Ballot Petition page for information on how to help. Time is running out!

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