End Political Corruption and Build Real Democracy details

Get Money Out of Politics:

As more big money has poured into our political system, politicians have gotten more corrupt and less accountable to the people. To eradicate the power of big money in politics, we need fully publicly-funded elections, a limited time window for campaigning, free public airtime for ballot-qualified candidates, and open debates.

End Political Corruption and Profiteering:

Enact strict financial controls for members of Congress and their staff, including no Wall Street transactions and disinvestment from any stocks, funds, or industries related to the oversight and appropriation committees on which members of Congress serve.

Ranked-Choice Voting forAll Elections:

Enact ranked-choice voting for all elections to empower voters, ensure winners have majority support, prevent “vote-splitting” among candidates with similar positions, and encourage more civil and issue-focused elections with more voices and more choices.

Proportional Ranked-Choice Voting for Legislative Elections:

Pass the Fair Representation Act, which would enact proportional ranked-choice voting for congressional elections, to make Congress more representative and responsive. Enact proportional representation for all legislative bodies, via ranked-choice voting and multi-member districts. Proportional representation is used successfully around the world to ensure that all voters get the representation they want.

End Gerrymandering with Proportional Ranked Choice Voting:

Proportional representation is the only way to eliminate gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is a product of the single-seat, winner-take-all plurality election system that dominates US elections. Other reforms that tinker around the edges of the current system have failed to end gerrymandering in states where they’ve been tried. With multi-member districts where seats are allocated proportionally to the will of the voters, the incentive to gerrymander districts goes away. See more info here.

End the Filibuster:

The filibuster is an outdated Senate rule allowing just 41% of Senators, who could represent as little as 10% of voters, to kill legislation with broad majority support. The filibuster is a key reason why US voters increasingly feel that the federal government is failing to pass legislation important to them. We should eliminate the filibuster, let the majority rule in the Senate, and let the voters hold them accountable.

Term Limits for Congress:

With the understanding that term limits are of limited use without deeper changes to the root causes of political dysfunction, support term limits for all elected offices, as well as rule changes so that seniority and length of time in office have no effect on committee appointments or other advantages.

National Popular Vote:

Abolish the Electoral College and elect the President by popular vote using ranked-choice voting.

Fair Ballot Access:

Pass federal legislation providing for fair and reasonable ballot access requirements for all elected offices. In countries like the United Kingdom and Canada, running for federal office requires 10 to 100 signatures. Yet in many US states, would-be candidates must gather tens of thousands of signatures, and even when they do their political competitors often throw them off the ballot on technicalities. Voting rights mean little when unfair ballot access laws prevent you from being able to vote for candidates who represent you.

Non-Partisan Election Oversight:

Allowing political parties and partisan operatives to control their own elections is an inherent conflict of interest that invites abuse of power. Put all elections under the administration of non-partisan overseers, include independent voters and representatives of alternative parties, and do not allow any party to have a majority on any election oversight board.

Full Ex-Felon Voting Re-Enfranchisement:

Restore all voting rights to ex-felons.

DC Statehood:

The District of Columbia is the only territory in the US whose residents bear all the burdens of citizenship without sharing equal rights of citizenship. Given DC’s high proportion of Black residents, this is not only a democracy issue, but a racial justice issue.

Self-Determination for US Territories:

Allow the more than 3 million people living in US territories to decide their own form of government and relationship to the US (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands).